August 6, 2012

Katie Couric is TOON swag - part 3.

Continued from Part 2.

Katie Couric gets her own post in my BlogHer recaps.

When I think of Katie Couric, I think of intelligence and warmth, humour, curiosity, honesty and critical thinking...perhaps it's because I have teenage daughters, but the words "role" and "model" gravitate towards each other when I hear her name. Interviewed by BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton NY, in front of 5000 breathless women, she did not disappoint. Katie Couric was undeniably animated.

She was talking about how the internet has unleashed good things and bad things, citing the "anonymous vitriole" on Twitter and saying "I spend a lot of time blocking them." And then she turned to one side and made stabbing gestures at an invisible smartphone, and actually said this:

And I fell in love.

The Katie Show premieres September 10th, 2012. I may just have to get cable for this.

More toon swag HERE!

I drew this toon swag on my iPad with my Wacom Bamboo stylus, using Adobe Ideas.