August 8, 2012

#BlogHer12 TOON swag - part 5

Continued from Draw Someone In - TOON swag.

After hanging out with Rachel Nabors it was back to the Grand Ballroom where I bumped into @ReneeMMartinez, whom I've met before at the 140conf in Montreal. She gave me 3 body builder poses to draw, making it really hard to choose. Also dimples!!

One of my most successful drawings from the whole entire Blogher event is this impression of Vikki Reich AKA @uppoppedafox. I drew it at the Come As You Are (#CAYA) party co-hosted by Aiming Low - hands down THE best party I went to at BlogHer. I found myself really studying Vikki's face...she was so unassuming and open in her demeanor. She seemed to draw a quiet confidence from her own vulnerabilities. Does that make sense?

At one point to get her to laugh I did a big fake laugh and she copied me and then we got the giggles for real.

Vikki was one of the treasure's of BlogHer's Voices Of The Year in the category of Identity for her post "Ministrations". It was pleasure to hear her read, each phrase framed with a cinematic quality; it was like watching a film.

You know those people on Twitter and Facebook and blogs that you really share with and feel like you know them? I have that with @DragonDream.

Kristin Cruz - Dragon Dreamers Lair

The thing is that although we'd planned to meet at BlogHer, we didn't even recognize each other until I was halfway through my drawing of Cecily Kellog. And then all hell broke loose. Kristin also posed for me at he #CAYA party.

All through BlogHer you could see groups of women sitting around on the floors of the Hilton hotel. There just weren't any comfy sofa-places set up in areas of movement where you might run into someone you know. So there we were, a bunch of us plonked down in the hallway between parties. I met a woman named @KirstenPiccini who told me she blogged about shoes and cupcakes. Which meant I had to draw a totally boss high-heel CupCake stiletto. Uh-huh.

The very cool thing about this drawing is that all the women on the floor had input on the colours. I would so wear these shoes. I have seen cupcakes in the shape of shoes, but I've not yet found shoes in the shape of cupcakes. Christian Louboutin pulllleeeeeze make them for us.

We ended up at the Cheeseburger party. There was more wine...I admit to being slightly tipsy at this point. I bumped into @LisaMcKenzie (like me, reppin' Montreal) who asked me to draw her. I told her I was just too wined up to be trusted. Lisa didn't mind. And Drunk Drawing was born.

Lisa McKenzie

I could barely see her in the dark so I just went with my Chardonnay fueled instincts on this. The next day I saw her Twitter avatar, and I was struck by how much it looks like the drawing. Skillz, right?

I went back to my hotel room. Brushed my teeth. Fell asleep. There were more Karaoke induced RockStar galivantings during the night, as my roomates came and went...but by the time I left to explore Central Park the next day, Megan had checked out and Faiqa got to finally sleep...

...for a whole hour.

Thank-you Internet Media Labs, and for sponsoring me at BlogHer12. I really can't wait to TOON swag again!

I drew this toon swag on my iPad with my Wacom Bamboo stylus, using Adobe Ideas.