September 3, 2012

#PickleWeasel survey contest WINNERS!

There were 63 entries into the Pickle Weasel App Survey & Contest. Amazeballs! 
Our random number generator picked two numbers as our prize winners. But in case you didn't win, you can still gaze at this drawing.

Look familiar...?

And here's the winners:

Jason @TechyDad
Sydney @momof1kid

CONGRATULATIONS KIDS. You each win this mug set. DM me your deets.

The irresistible Pickle Weasel mugs are for sale in my Zazzle Shop.

Thanks for being patient with all this stuff about the new app. Back to regular programming tomorrow.


  1. I still want Pickle Weasel to roller skate! He'd be awesome!!

  2. boo, now i am sad. nice drawing tho.
    are the mugs in the shop?

    1. Don't you worry, there will be other contests! And yes, the mugs are in the shop, just click HERE.

  3. YEA - roller skate - and Skateboard in a bowl like Xtreme sports style.

  4. Super cute :)

    Next time we hang out, I'll trade you a Pickle Weasel mug for a Cervixens mug. BAHAHA


Cuz You Rocketh.