July 27, 2012

Toon SWAG at #BlogHer12

Next week, I'm headed to BlogHer in New York.

My SWAG? I’m gonna draw people I meet …and tweet the toons with #JCsaw.

If you’re at BlogHer, and you'd like a little toon swag, come and say hi. I’m easy to spot cuz I’m animated.

OK, I’m a little more 3D in real life. But you’ll see this drawing on the back of my hoodie.

Fun fact:
I won a BlogHer Voice of the Year VOTY honor for my MotherHOOD story so I figured I should prolly go.

Another fun fact:
I’ll be bunking with Anissa Mayhew and the Aiming Low gang which in itself is toon-worthy.

Anissa’s one of the few people I let boss me around; she's just good at it! Anyway she talked me into drawing on people at the Come As You Are (#CAYA) party next Saturday night. I was wondering what I should draw and thought maybe Pickle Weasel could make an appearance along with other fruits and veges that may or may not look like Channing TatumAnyways I promise I’ll tweet photos of the drawings I do on peoples arms and ...well, just their arms. 

Yet another fun fact:
My presence at BlogHer is partly sponsored by SeeSaw’s Internet Media Labs - YAY! SeeSaw is a visual way of seeing Twitter and it's amazeballs. I reviewed it here.

If you can’t be at BlogHer in person, you can follow my drawings on my #JCsaw board on SeeSaw. For that matter you can check out everyone’s photos from the conference by searching #BlogHer12 on SeeSaw. The pix will update in real time... which is almost as good as being there.

 Except that I won’t get to meet you.

I'll be drawing my toon swag on my iPad using Adobe Ideas and a Wacom Bamboo stylus.