May 16, 2012

The Animation of Empathy.

Sometimes I like to geek out with social media people. Yesterday I spoke at the "State Of Now" 140 Conference here in Montreal, or #140MTL. So here's ten minutes of me talking about "The Animation of Empathy" wherein I use my drawings to get the audience to do funny deeply meaningful things.

The 140Conf series was created by Jeff Pulver and they typically attract gatherings of inspirational speakers from across the planet. Montreal's 140 was no exception; produced by Mila Araujo from Ogilvy & Ogilvy Insurance (the main event sponsor), the speaker lineup she curated was nothing less than spectacular. I was actually nervous...I hope it doesn't show.

If you're interested in social media for marketing, charitable causes, business management, human resources, or just want to be inspired, you can check out the videos here. The hi-lights for me personally were the humorous and direct Jeanine Morber's "what do I want to share, who do I want to reach and where are they?"; the impressive Deb Weinstein "social media is 24/7" and what companies should not do in a crisis; and Ted Curtin's disarming "courage to be humble" where he quotes Mr. Rogers' philosophy of 'deep and simple' to describe the importance of authenticity in one's online voice. Beautiful.

Oh and the all new SeeSaw app was launched at the conference, which is a new way of viewing and saving twitter convos and images - it's mesmerizing.

I met (and hugged) some amazing people at this event and I can't wait for the next one.