February 3, 2012

I love you MORE than Twitter.

It's bedtime. Both the 11 year old boy and his 14 year old sister stare at me in shock.

"You love us more than chocolate?!?" Hearing the word chocolate, the 17 year old daughter appears at the door. "Did someone say "chocolate"?" she asks.

The 14 year old pipes up, "yeah, apparently she love us more than coffee, more than tea, more than wine, more than bacon, and more than chocolate. Still don't know how much that is though."

The boy is squirming around on his bed as his sisters make themselves comfortable. He's getting all excited so he shouts "MOM how much do you love us?!?"

And I shout back:

And here's the mug to prove it.

Get it NOW, for the one you love, cuz Valentine's Day is coming.

Love someone more than bacon? I gots more love mugs in my Zazzle Shop. Oh and there's 25% off sale. Yay!

This story is part of a short series that starts here. Stay tooned to find out what happens next...


  1. Just got hubby an awesome mug for valentines. Thanks for the heads up on the coupon!

    1. You guys must have quite the collection of mugs hee hee!

  2. baco-choco-alcho-tweeta-caff-fiendFebruary 3, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    'I love you almost as much as my addictions'
    Why not have a mug that proclaims pride in all of them?

    1. Why not? Because I'd be drawing day and night. Wait....I'm already drawing day and night. I must be addicted. Oh the irony!

  3. I need to get this for my husband. He really does think I love Twitter more than him. And sometimes I do but he doesn't need to know that. ;)

  4. Wow step back now...more then twitter???? That's really pushing it... ;)

  5. The wonderful thing about TWiTteR is that I can cherrypick, I do not need to come up with an answer on the spur of the moment and things rarely get ugly.
    Compared to twitter real life is quite a challenge.

  6. DUDE! Why am I only NOW seeing this?!!!!

    The hubs needs a new mug, since his last #FML Twitter mug has tried to commit suicide a few times...YAY for Gorilla Glue...but still...Please say this one will be available for at least another week (when I get paid again)...pwease...


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