January 22, 2012

I love you MORE than bacon.

The boy giggles and squirms under his quilt. "Really mom? You love me more than coffee, more than tea and even more than wine?" I smile and nod, saying, "I truly do." And he says "But how much is that? How much do you love me...?"

And I say:

And here's the mug to prove it.

Get it NOW, for the one you love, cuz Valentine's Day is coming!

Love someone more than bacon? I gots more love mugs in my Zazzle Shop. Oh and there's 15% off sale. Yay!

Do you play "how much do you love me?" games with your kids? This story is part of a short series that starts here. Stay tooned to find out what happens next...


  1. #AwesomeSuace!

    Mikel King

  2. We keep kosher in the house, so no bacon here. At least, not the real stuff. We do make soy bacon aka "fakin' bacon." It might not be the real stuff, but it's actually pretty good. My oldest *loves* fakin' bacon. He seems to instinctively know when I'm making it and swoops in to steal some slices. I wonder if he loves me more than fakin' bacon... Or maybe he loves me because I make him fakin' bacon!

  3. That is so romantic, I've got a tear in my eye..

  4. My 5 y.o. daughter's been enjoying her new joke the past couple days. It goes like this:

    "Hey Papa. I love you more than...a bee sting! Ha ha ha!"

    Isn't she cute?

    1. Meant to add that I should get her one of these mugs...but she'd spill stuff!

  5. Sadly my 12 year old loves NOTHING more than bacon... one day when she has kids of her own she *might* *MIGHT* love them more than bacon. I just don't know. I said the word bacon yesterday and in a blink of an eye she was right next to me asking 20 Qs about bacon and when we will have it next. :-D
    I might just have to get this one for her. She'd love it.


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