February 4, 2012

I love you MORE than beer.

...continued from here.

"I love you more than Twitter!!"

No sooner had the words left my mouth, than The Huz appears at the boy's bedroom door. He looks at me surrounded by all three kids on the boy's bed and says, "did I hear correctly? You love us 'more than Twitter'?"

I nod solemnly. "I knew it! I knew it" yells the 11 year old boy bouncing up and down. "Dad! Dad! Tell us how much you love us?!" His teenaged sisters toss their hair and look annoyed.

The Huz thinks carefully. He strokes his chin and answers, "I love you more than coffee, more than tea, more than wine, more than bacon, more than chocolate, and definitely MORE than Twitter."

I roll my eyes, "yeah, yeah, but how much is that?"

And he says:

And here's the mug to prove it!

Get it NOW, for the one you love, cuz Valentine's Day is coming.

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This story is part of a short series that starts here

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  1. What? more than BEER?? Not compliment to be dispensed lightly.. appreciate ;)


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