January 23, 2012

I love you MORE than chocolate.

The 11 year old boy sits up in his bed, his eyes wide. His 14 year old sister comes into the room saying, "Did I hear you right? You love him more than coffee, more than tea, more than wine, and even more than bacon?!? And what about me?" I smile, but I'm thinking hard.

The boy looks earnest. "Yeah mom... how much do you love me, I mean 'us'...?"

And I say:

And here's the mug to prove it.

Get it NOW, for the one you love, cuz Valentine's Day is coming!

Love someone more than bacon? I gots more love mugs in my Zazzle Shop. Oh and there's 15% off sale. Yay!

Do you play "how much do you love me?" games with your kids? This story is part of a short series that starts here. Stay tooned to find out what happens next...


  1. Did you specify white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate? There are many things I love more than white chocolate (which, by the way, isn't *really* chocolate). Milk chocolate weeds out many things and only a few items/people rank higher than dark chocolate.

    I'm beginning to think that you should make a version of this for parents. "My Kids Love Me More than..." Some suggestions: Pizza, Mac & Cheese, PB&J's.

    1. Excellent suggestion! Too bad kids don't have Paypal accounts.

  2. You got me with "I love you more than peanut butter."

    My son would be, "I love you more than chicken nuggets."

  3. Chocolate? CHOCOLATE??? If these weren't kids we were talking about here I'd know you were either crazy or not telling the whole truth. Chocolate is just so... so... ChocolAWESOME!!! *gives Chocolate a warm brown gooey hug --then eats Chocolate*