November 23, 2011

The Supah-Sam CONTEST!

Introducing...four year old Sam, who loves peanut butter and jelly passionately, and wants to fly through the sky in a blue Supah Suit. Did I mention his favorite color?

This imaginative little boy is the surro-baby of my friend The Smartness AKA @JWMoxie. She cried out for help last week cuz Sam has leukemia. That's cancer folks.

Why the contest? Morale!

Sam just started chemo and he's bravely facing the ordeal with his parents, Terry and Stephanie, and a very fine companion named Chemo Duck. I wanna cheer them on.

Now, when you're four... your imagination is in free flow, unfettered by responsibilities. So for this contest, I want you to pretend that you are four years old, like Sam! Use your imagination.

All you have to do to enter is comment below, like this:
  1. "Dear anummated laydi, I'm 4 years old, my name is _________ and I want you to draw me dooing _________. Draw me as cool as Supah-Sam." 

  2. Get out there in the real world and hug somebody you love. This part is super important. If you don't do it your name will be mud.

  3. Then Stumble, Tweet, G+ or Facebook this contest. Use this hash tag liberally - #SaveOurSam.
Zee Prize: I'll draw the winner as a four year old and give them a t-shirt AND a mug with it.

Zee Rules: You can only enter once. Most inspiring entry wins. I get to decide that and if you want to know how my brain works, well, just check out a few of my previous contests. If there's over a hundred entries I'll award a few consolation prizes. Contest closes Friday December 2nd at midnight. Winners announced the following Monday.

By entering this contest, you agree to allow me to draw you and to blog the drawing of you. I own the artwork but you can use it as your avatar if you want!

I like to get behind causes from time to time. A little animation can go a long way.

Find out who won!