November 15, 2011



Last episode, the 11 year old boy RAGED because math stood between him and a mouse.

With one week until back-to-school I decided to lay down The Law.*
*Cuz I'm not always a YES-a-holic.

1. Attitude: be gracious and respectful, even if you disagree.
2. Current pets need attention, love and care.
3. You must ROCK the first report card.

Then you can get your mouse.

At first he scowled. But realized immediately he'd instantly put even more distance between himself and El Mouso.

The weeks passed. Never has a boy in the history of boys been so focused on a goal.

1. He not only did his chores, he consistently offered to help with additional stuff, like mowing the lawn, vacuuming the car interior, cooking dinner and the occasional pedicure. He even cleaned his room without being asked. I know, right? My jaw is still hanging.

2. The goldfish (a gigantic 10 inch long beast) could now actually see me staring back at it through the glass of a clean aquarium.

The guinea pigs had an additional person changing their water and plying them with fresh veges previously destined for the compost.

The dog was played with...

...and taught a few new tricks...



3. The boy insisted on sitting at the front of the math class instead of at the back. Tests were looked forward to and prepared for, the results were proudly displayed to us instead of being hidden in a crumple at the bottom of the schoolbag, homework was ploughed through with great determination. When he didn't understand something, he actually asked for help.

We're not talking two weeks of improvement here, we're talking two months. With no lapse. Which is a lot when you are eleven.

In between all this, the boy ached for his mouse. He studied mouse training videos.

He built a fantastic multi-level mouse habitat with his father.

He hoped the mouse he wanted at the pet store would not be fed to another 11 year old boy has looked forward to his first Grade 6 report card in quite the same way.

However, the teachers delayed the release of the report cards by three more weeks. The boy was disappointed, but he kept with the program.

The mouse he had his eye on at the pet store mysteriously disappeared...

But he kept on.

Then the boy got the flu and had to be kept home for two weeks. He worried that his grades would be affected. He worried that he would fall behind in the homework. He worried that the report card would be issued while he was sick at home....

...which it was.

OMGaaaaaaa. How will the boy get his report card...? And will he rock it? Most of all, will this 11 year old boy ever get his mouse?!?

Find out what happens next!!