November 28, 2011

I Draw YOU - @qstreet

This beauty is the wonderful winner of my Couch Potato - Super Spud contest. Her name is Sam Parrotto, but you may know her as @qstreet on Twitter. According to her bio, Sam seeks magic.

But I think magic just found her.

Inspiration for this drawing came from a magical photo of @qstreet by her friend @Jackinessity.

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  1. What a delightful way that you share your talents with the world, JC - and now with me - I love how magical my pic is. So many have asked me what I'd do with it. I'm imagining being the "superstar" of my own Steven Spielberg animated adventure, discovering all of the hidden "learning" opportunities as I travel the world. And of course, JC, you'd be lead on the animation - LOL - so appreciate how you brought this contest together as a social good initiative. You prove how easy it is to make things happen through social media. So happy to support Stewart and Make a Wish, too...

  2. Oh! So lovely! What a great idea :) Happy my photo is being put to such good use.

    Love to you both.



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