November 14, 2011


When I started drawing my blog, I never thought that I would touch people's lives. I never dreamed that someone would do this for me.

Stephi Linn you got skillz.

Twitter's own @Gypsy_Momma - or "Giraffe Legs", as I like to call her - is a glass painting artist at BooMonkey Creations. She lovingly painted a collection of her fave drawings from my blog onto a re-purposed window with a toothpick. It took her several months to paint and many fingers crossed that it wouldn't break in transit. Here's the Epic Reveal in Stephi's own words.

Thank-you Stephi and Brian, all those who helped get this beautiful gift to me in one piece (including the US Postal service), and to everyone in the I Draw YOU collection. You inspire me and I shall treasure it always.

Who do you recognize?