November 19, 2011



Last episode he was sick at home and wondering if he'd rocked his report card hard enough to deserve a pet mouse. The 11 year old boy languished.

Oh the frustration.

Oh the suffering.

Oh the runny nose...!

Until the 14 year old sister went to see his teacher and brought the report card home.

I laid the sealed envelope on the table and took my eleven year old son by the shoulder. I looked deep into his eyes and said, "If your report card shows a big thumbs up in math, what are you gonna get?"

"Um...a mouse?"

"And if your report card shows a big thumbs down in math, what are you gonna get?"

He looked down at the floor and his eyes welled up with tears.

I held his chin in my hand and tilted his face up to mine.

"Boy, you've got a great attitude, happy pets and a tidy room. I've seen all your homework done and the tests you've proudly brought home to show us. You tried.

I don't need to open that report card; in my book you've more than earned that mouse."

Meet the mighty mouse mice!

Let's give the boy a big hi-five!



  1. Aw. You old softie. I bet the kid aced it anyway, too.

  2. Although... what DID the report card say? :P
    I think us readers now vicariously measure our own success with the boy's report card... or is it just me?

    Great post, as usual :)

  3. So how long until we get a post about how they escaped & you had to call on @WhyIsDaddyCryin to give you pointers on how to rescue rodents from air ducts?

    ♥ Awesome job Mr. Little Jr! Effort & determination ALWAYS pay off!

    And great job Mama Little on rewarding the effort!

  4. YAY!!! He got 2 (TWO) mice! YAY! Good work 11 year old boy! Congrats!

    Big hearts to Mama too <3

  5. Awesome work, Little Little! Did you really have a snot bubble of joy? That is the best kind of joy there is. So, what is the mouse's name?

    Mom, two squeaks up in a circle for you!

  6. I meant to be plural- what are the mice's names?

  7. You both worked so hard there couldn't have been a better outcome. 2 both rock. <3

  8. JW - the mice are introduced in the vlog "Greystone" and "Multi". Both so cute and I never knew mice were so clever.

  9. awardperday - The report card doesn't matter in this story. But for the record, he's no longer in danger of failing by the educational system's standards.

  10. Stephi - OMG I remember that video by @Whyisdaddycryin! Fortunately we've just mouseproofed our house so no mice can get in from outside...hopefully that also means that no mice can get out from inside.

  11. Congratulations mouse-lover on working so hard at the report card. Their house totally rocks!

  12. You are right, the report card doesn't matter for this story. And we have all learned: if you try very hard, do your very best, have a great attitude sometimes that is all that matters because having done those things, you are a WINNER!

  13. OMG, the upstairs is friggin awesome!!!

  14. Ah! Let I seem stupid - I watched the vlog on my phone while in the car this afternoon. I couldn't hear anything over the road noise and Frank's music. :)

  15. I love it! That upstairs is SO fun! But don't be surprised if Greystone and Multi chew those pretty colored ladder rungs into sawdust (Mice are silly that way) *is a long time rodent owner*

  16. WAHOOO! Just keep those little guys away from Deeds (I still can't believe he is allergic to mice) but I'm so happy he turned everything around and showed some awesome love.

  17. The snot bubble was a nice touch! Congrats to the 11 year old, but all the good grades in the world would not welcome rodants into my house.

  18. If you told him you were going to get him ONE mouse for a good math grade but then impulsively made a switch to TWO, aren't you kind of screwing with him? Mathematically, I mean?

  19. Seriously though ... sixth grade boy. Struggling in math. Trying his hardest. Mother rewarding the heck out of him for his impressive and consistent efforts. It's like you've been living in OUR house.

    Hey, are you the one who keeps leaving the cap off the freakin' toothpaste?

  20. Congratulations to The Boy! Good job. Cute mice.


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