September 30, 2011

About GROUT.

My recent vestibule floor tiling escapades have taken yet another turn for the worse. But it's okay cuz PICKLE Weasel came to cheer me up.

Lady at the specialty tile shop: "Non, Madame Little. Do not seal ze tiles beforrre ze grouting. You must seal zem afterrr applying ze grout."

Moi: "Are you sure? The grout is black; I'm worried the grout will stain them!"

Lady: "Don't worrry Madame Little. Ze tiles will not stain. Follow ze Installation Guide" (points to a piece of paper). "Zeese tiles are verrrry sp├ęcial. You must follow ze guide. Now if you don't mind, I will feeneesh my lunch brrreak."

Moi: "Okay."

I followed the Installation Guide to ze letterrr, dammit. I got half way through the grouting and stopped. My tiles are so stained.

PICKLE Weasel to the rescue!


  1. Have you tried some hydrogen peroxide to bleach the tiles to unstained status? I've never had to unstain non-sealed tiles, so I have no clue, but do know that peroxide works WONDERS on cleaning black grout that's supposed to be white....

    Maybe it won't be so bad after it all gets said and done? Maybe it just looks stained while you're at this step and when you apply the sealer it has some sort of magic something that removes the stains?

    I wish I knew something that would make it all better!!!!

  2. Stephi - a nice lady with Giraffe Legs just commented on my my blog. So things are already looking "up"!

  3. Yes proxide might work, but if you go to home depot they have grout solvents to make it soft again, they also have a handle little grout took that runs along the grout line and saws off the top layer, so all you have to do is put new grout in, so try checking out a store like home depot or lowes or menards, they will definitely be able to help you fix the problem fairly easily. Hope I'm being helpful lol My best wishes. Eve

  4. After you finish the grouting use a stripper. It shouldn't hurt the grout and may take all the stains out. If that doesn't work, use a stripper that pretendstp to be a cop. At least then you'll be able to smile and laugh a little bit.

  5. Oh that should make ze lady help you clean it!

  6. I agree with Rachel Joy "lady" should def help you clean it! xo LOL

  7. Pickle Weasel is a great pal. I wish he lived close to me...

  8. i need pickle weasel to cheer me up. can he come to New York where i am being psychologically tortured by my family?

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