September 8, 2011


This morning I signed into my Google+ and was greeted with this.

My soul iced over. The law had finally caught up with me.

I'm guessing the Google Police want me to change my name from "JC Little - The Animated Woman" to simply, "JC Little".

For the record (← haha, see what I did there? record?), I'm not a proponent of total anonymity on the web. But only cuz it seems to be engendering a lack of accountability and irresponsible behavior. Nicknames and pseudonyms are ok, and I appreciate that sometimes we need to protect ourselves. But some folks (Trolls and Haters) tend to hide behind them like some people hide behind hoodies.

So what's next for my G+ account? I'm on review. I had to submit links to my LinkedIN and Facebook to prove I am "JC Little". Can you smell the stinkie poo-poo IRONY?

And if they kick me off....I can promise you one hell of an awesome ass-kicking mofo post. They'll never let me out of Google Jail after that.

I love ya!