September 22, 2011


On Sunday I got to go to Les Gemeaux Awards*.  I had no idea what to wear, so I called up my producer; she told me it was the event of the year! Great. No pressure there.
*Think "Emmys" but for French speaking Canada.

I dressed up as groovy as I could...and gazed up close at local celebs posing red carpet style for camera flashes. I saw some amazing shoes.

My show was nominated in two categories. As they were about to announce the winners, my producer whispered that I would have to join her onstage if we won. Pretty sure all the colour drained from my face at that point. I experienced a bizarre dichotomy of simultaneously hoping to both win and lose.

We didn't win...but it was such an honour just to be nominated. And being invited to the Gala was amazing. I had fun!
Congratulations to all the winners.


  1. When you were tweeting from the awards, I was at home watching the Emmys at the same time. I explained to Frank what the Gemeaux Awards were and told Frank that I felt like I "knew" a celebrity because your show was up for one. You're a star in my book, JC!

  2. WOW! Congrats to *YOU*! Winning is making it that far!!! YAY, J.C.!!! Yeah, if I was told I’d have to go up there I’d actually pray to not win. Because I’d faint before I made it up there… *Whispers* --> Even if the nominations where non-televised, only 15 people were there, it was held in my backyard, and the stage was a soap box. I couldn’t take it. :-) You may be a bunny, but I am a mouse… that’s scared of mice. Lol!
    Still that is great news!!! And I hope I didn’t typo in this comment like I did the last one…. It was too late to fix once it was up *blush* lol

  3. Wow that's what did you wear?


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