September 8, 2011

The Cyborg MOM.

My kids believe I spend waste an awful lot of time on the Internet doing social media. Even I begin to wonder, "Am I real...or am I a Spam-Bottomed Cyborg MOM with Happy Face Nipples holding my brain hostage?"

Yeah, so this one came out of a Facebook convo between a bunch of lovely people, but mostly @CollinsBat and @Coolwhipmom on account of the 10 Best Humor Sites that Naomi (who is a very funny lady btw and if you don't believe me then just read this) wrote up over at SheKnows. You know how it goes; he said this, she said that, and here I am drawing it.

And now you're prolly wondering WTF?!? you should leave as a comment.


  1. Not so much WTF but maybe a bit of OMG.

    But it made me smile first thing in the morning (after my regularly scheduled nightmares even), so that is all that is important. :D

  2. I think the kids are more disturbed from the smiley faces, strategically placed on your person.

    I know, as someone's son myself, I'd be a little stunned if I saw *MY* mom's "Don't worry, be happy" area!

    But I feel you. I spend a lot of time socializing online, and tend to forget about the people right in front of me. How can we find the balance, oh zen master?

  3. props for best superhero type costume ever.

  4. Awwwwww! I feel SO honored to have our convo turned into one of your awesome drawings. And BTW you look SUPER hot as a cyborg.I particularly love your SPAM flavored furniture. Bwhahahaaha! Thanks so much for mentioning me!

  5. I understand everything on my own (I think... maybe) but the happy face nipples... I'm too scared to ask. :-) And the reason I probably don't get it is because I have a baby & six months of this year mine were far FAR from happy. Sorry, TMI there. :-] I should go now before I say more and *really* blush. LOL

  6. we are borg. Resistance in futile.


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