February 2, 2011


See this? --> #MBteamGL
Please include it in every single one of your tweets from NOW until Friday at midnight..

For example: 
"My baby said his first word! #MBteamGL"
"I had eggs for breakfast! #MBteamGL"
"Everyone should follow @littleanimation! #MBteamGL"
(I admit that last one was slutty, but you get the point, right?)

"But why JC? Why should we include "#MBteamGL" in all our tweets?"

It's a race. Blogger-mom @Nuckingfutsmama and her trusty co-pilot @Hoo_dee_Hoo (also a blogger-mom) will be driving from Chicago to Minneapolis to Manhatten to Dallas for the Super Bowl in a pimped-out Mercedes SUV. Their car will be "fuelled" by tweets with that hashtag. They can't drive unless they have enough tweets with #MBteamGL, so....you get the picture, right?

The gals have fabulous @SerenaWilliams as their celebrity coach! She'll be tweeting along with us. If enough of us tweet #MBteamGL, Mercedes Benz will give Serena Williams Foundation $20,000 - which goes straight to helping underprivileged U.S youth get to High School and beyond.

Do it for EDUCATION, people!

"Hey JC! What will you give us if we do this?"

Okay, okay, I don't expect something for nothing. I'll be keeping you entertained with up to date drawings of @Nuckingfutsmama and @Hoo_dee_Hoo during their road trip. There will be stowaways, hitchhikers and backseat-drivers along the way. Some may appear oddly familiar, heheh.....

"Really? That's fun! Who are you gonna draw, JC?"

Wouldn't you like to know...! Featured right here on this post, three times a day, from NOW until Friday at midnight.

And they're off!

Not really. They're actually snowed in. But they still have to get tweet fuel, so let's pretend they're in their car driving. @Nuckingfutsmama takes the wheel while @Hoo_dee_Hoo gets busy tweeting everyone about #MBteamGL. Go MOMS GO!

Uh-oh. Not good.

Suddenly, @Nuckingfutsmama discovers a stowaway passenger!

Well, lookie here, it's blogger Daddy's Toolbox AKA @DaddysToolbox from Twitter! And see? He even brought his toolbox. Good thing too, cuz we needs someone to help fix @Hoo_dee_Hoo.

Hmmm...she's not waking up. But the LADY of the House blogger is here now. Or should I say BABY of the House. Also known as @ieatmykidzsnack, it looks like she has some, er... uh, refreshments left over from the last time she appeared on my blog.

Oh dear, what's the drinking age on this blog anyway? Just look at the mess she's making. I'm a little worried she'll throw a tantrum if we try to take that sake away from her! Well, let's just hope no stalkers randomly fall through the ceiling of the car.

Our blogger moms are actually on the road today! We genuflect before the Gods of Precipitation and Snow-removal in Gratitude!

The Benz has just been hijacked by the funniest woman on the Internet. It's Being Peachy blogger @IamthePeachy1. Remember when she picked a fight with @WhyisDaddyCryin over a t-shirt? That was INSPIRED. And now she's tryna cheer the driver on by singing ...opera? Mel Blanc would be proud.

I don't know how the co-pilot can sleep through this. Perhaps it's just a bad dream...
See? I knew I shouldn't have watched "Inception" the other night. Next thing you know, Lil' Peach will be trying to wrap the lush interior of this car in duct tape and 'kick' us all to the next level!

You know when you fall asleep on the sofa, or the bus, or the plane? Or in a fancy Mercedes Benz during a big tweetrace roadtrip? And your mouth is hanging open, and you are maybe drooling a little bit? You never think in a million years that someone with a huge twitter / blog following will show up with their camera and take a picture of you.

Oh look! Blogger extraordinaire @ScaryMommy just showed up with her camera. What a coincidence.

Driving along, the unsuspecting @Nuckingfutsmama suddenly hears some random thumping coming from the trunk...! Could it be another stowaway? Yes indeed! It's none other than talented Daddy blogger and incorrigible flirt @Whyisdaddycryin.

This Lil' dude simply cannot help himself - he just has to sneak into every single one of my epic BLOG posts. He's either stealing the spotlight or falling through the ceiling. I have this theory that he likes to stalk talk to the ladeez. people. And here he is once again, doing what he does best!

Also? I have it on good authority that this time he's crying cuz he forgot his lil' pink Snuggie at home.

After draining the fluids from the vehicle, our lovely driver decided she needed some "me" time. You know, facial, manicure, pedicure? So she picked up Mom Generations fashion blogger @AudreyMcClellan who just happened to be thumbing it to the down to the SuperBowl. Talk about serendipity!

When asked what colour toenails were begging for this spring, Lil' Audrey replied "Fashionista RED!" And from the looks of things Day-Glo GREEN is also gonna be everywhere.

Yes that's @Nuckingfutsmama leg that's twisted backwards. And yes, @Hoo_dee_Hoo is still snoring away. Think of it as a "Spa on Wheels".

WOW, it's @SerenaWilliams! Looks like the moms' Celebrity Coach finally decided to drop in and check things out for herself. She must enjoy getting down in the trenches with the rest of us. Gosh. She has like, almost 2 million followers, and she's here, on my blog.
One tweet from her and...uh...oh well, I guess you only need one.

Remember folks - we're here to literally DRIVE tweets = $ to Serena's Foundation. Now a few people on twitter mentioned that MB's donation of $20,000 is only enough to send one kid to highschool in the US. And that may be true. But...even ONE kid's education is worth it for me. So let's all tweet #MBteamGL until tonight and think about that one kid.

Lil' Serena is quite the backseat driver. But can her all that racket wake up @Hoo_dee_Hoo?

Awwww.....GoatDog* missed his Mummy!

I will never buy a Mercedes Benz. And that, my friends, is the jugular of irony.

*Getting Goat Dog in the back seat was On The Eve Of Insanity blogger @EverRose's idea.

You guys have been awesome.  Don't hold back with the comments!

What are you waiting for? Click the "tweet" button below and spread the word! Include the mother-lovin' hashtag #MBteamGL in all your tweets!! Follow @Nuckingfutsmama and @Hoo_dee_Hoo and help them with their MB Challenges until ...er...sometime tonight! Go, people, GO!!! Do it for the kids!

Who's in?



  1. This is such a great idea! I just set up a stream so I could stay on top of Tweeting and retweeting. But adding the #MBteamGL hashtag to all of my other tweets is genius!

  2. get on the bus y'all let's go, cause tonights gonna be a good good night !! whoo hooo ! go team!

  3. I love the picture! I have been glued to my computer all morning. Go blogger moms, go team GL!!

  4. safe T first JC throw a seatbelt on that passenger for the love of #MBteamGL

  5. Oooops! Seat belt is now fastened on the sleeping @Hoo_dee_hoo! And she didn't even wake up.

    Thanks Peach :D

  6. ohh I want in. I'm following that hashtag.
    Love it.
    I'd say you are busy....:)

  7. haha, LMAO at my little addition in the backseat! i have my toolbox and "rattle" wrench. I can fix just about anything, even @Hoo_Dee_Hoo

  8. hahahhahahahaha "think of me, think of me fondly when you say goooooooood bye"

  9. Love it all JC. I am actually famous for my road trip antics. No sake however as I am not a total lush.

  10. Peachy, I did not know you are such a great Opera singer! All great opera singers guarantee the sleeping-through, right?! LOL.

    Go girls go!

  11. LOL @Subwow... I am loving this thread to pieces.

  12. Very well done ! Good job #MBteamGL

  13. I'm being a darling and commenting because I REALLY liked surprise #6. See? I can follow directions. Just don't tell anyone. ;)

    Really, this whole thing is phenomenal. I'm LOVING it!!

  14. I am LOVING the updates! Keep them coming!

  15. You are definitely talented! Keep up the great work! Go MBteamGL- delphinius18

  16. OMG- please put water wings and snorkles on those ladies you KNOW how he is... LOLOLOL

  17. damn..I'm a ladies man?!!! Someone pinch me!! ha.. I absolutely love the Spiderman outfit... Go MBteamGL!!!

  18. HAHAHAHA!!! @Whyisdaddycrin is a CRY BABY!!! lol

  19. "A flirt? A stalker? JC, I think you give daddy too much credit. This is not someone with "Mad Skillz." Have you seen his beard? How do you think bed bugs came about?

  20. Good stuff. Check out the latest #MBteamGL video Go Tweet Racers Go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvt6XckLR9A

  21. seriously love it keep it up it rocks
    go #mbteamgl

  22. lol I love the day glo green an am sort of jealous that the driver is that limber...

  23. it's true...I can't even stalk or flirt with myself without getting ill... Damn I look badass in that Spidey suit though! ha

  24. These are fueling me as well! I can't wait to see how it ends! Keep up the hard work every body!

  25. Seriously, I think the Banshee NEEDS to be along for this #MBteamGL ride!

  26. I am LOVING this post. To the extent that I'm stalking your blog and hitting refresh just to see who might be popping up next. :)

  27. This is the most original idea I have seen in a long time! I LOVE IT! And I love McDonalds ;-)
    I'm joining the race and including the tag.
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  28. You are so creative. I love how mad @nuckingfutsmama is, especially getting beaten by Serena's racket. You rock!

  29. Baby Serena is adorable! The gals are starting to look like they've been on a long road trip! LOL.

  30. This is getting more and more EPIC! I can't believe you got Serena Williams to hop into the backseat! Go team!

  31. Great entertainment! Very well done!

  32. Bawahahahahh as usual JC your talent and inspiration has pulled all of us thru one more time. you rock so hard Steven Tyler called and asked me if he could get some lessons from you. I will always fall to the animation talents of the GREAT Animated Woman !!!! this was too much fun.

  33. Goatdog in the carseat! So funny! Next time the girls get to do an adventure this cool, I hope you play along! I'm exhausted, and I didn't even leave my house!

  34. Congrats on such an awesome post! This was so great!

  35. I've been shouting it out via my BIG TwitterMOUTH!
    + messaged some sweet folks to join in too ☺
    Tweeting @toothfairycyber

  36. I loved the entire thing.

    And you are SO talented. Great work!

  37. Awesome! Great work Little Animation! You are incredibly talented! Keep it up! delphinius18

  38. So funny, they're lucky to have you on their team!! If I were a cartoon I'd want you to create me ;)


Cuz You Rocketh.