February 24, 2011

Being PEACHY - I Guest Blog.

Being Peachy blogger is AWOL. Who knows where she is or when she'll be back? In the meantime though, someone's got to mind the fruit stand. So I convinced my pal Why Is Daddy Crying to get dressed up as peaches and we guest posted for her.
I know, I know, Peach and the dude have argued like babies in the past... but the truth is we're all girls here. And girls stick up for each other!

Go now and see how good me and the dude are at Being Peachy. And be sure to crawl all over @IamthePeachy1's blog while you're there. She's "the funniest lady on the Internet"!

UPDATE: Seems some folks wanna join in on Being Peachy. So if you've used your imagination and left a comment on her blog you may now claim your prize.

Grab this transparent image and stick it on your own photo...and VOILA! Now you can Be Peachy too.


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