February 1, 2011

Better Than DIAMONDS.

Just before Christmas, I saw a video on YouTube called "Beware of the Doghouse" . This dude gets punished for giving his wife an appliance (instead of diamonds) for their wedding anniversary. Romance FAIL! I showed the vid to my husband and teased him that he better get me some diamonds sometime, or he was gonna be in the "doghouse"! We rolled on the floor laughing...

Last week my husband was holding me close. He looked into my eyes and said how much he loves me, and that I deserved to have roses and diamonds. I said, no, I don't need that stuff. You let me sleep in when I'm tired, you bring me coffee when I'm working, you make sure I eat when I'd prolly just forget. This man is always thinking about me. That's better than diamonds or roses and it's always there, every single day. What could be more romantic than that...?

But he came home with roses a few days later, anyways. And then? We went out and bought a really BIG appliance. HAH!

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary.