February 21, 2011

YOU. @ragekat

Some of you know her as @ragekat. Some of you know her as I'm Too Pretty For This blogger. But I know her as ...RageKAT!

She's a Super HERO Chick. Part humanoid, part Kat. Her superpower is that she's purrfect in every way, and .... um... (I'm just making this up as I go by the way, feel free to jump in) - RageKat's only weakness? Man.

She's HAWT.

@theblondeview suggested this awesome visual.

RageKAT gear is now available in my Zazzle Shop.



  1. A comment for you.

    Loving the super hero motif. Dying with the crotch of fire.

    You have outdone yourself JC.

    And RageKAT: you looking HAWT.

  2. Sabrina 'ragekat' MacreadyFebruary 22, 2011 at 12:04 AM

    I LOVE THIS. I LOVE YOU. Let's make out... right now.

  3. Very nice. Who will be the first to make the 'jock itch' joke?

  4. RageKat has one other weakness: remembering to put out the trash on garbage day. Fortunately, she has a sidekick.

    You did a great job at capturing her!

    "crotch of fire" = inspired

  5. funny! a dish of milk or katnip should be her secondary kryptonite :)

  6. Does Lindsay Lohan knows ragekat has a "firecrotch"?....cuz, that's sorta LiLo's MO too...

    very very funny

  7. I suppose a crotch of fire is better than a ring of fire. I think you need a round pillow for that.

  8. that is killer! awesome pic. yes, love the crotch fire !


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