October 17, 2011

Pulling G-rank.

I was busted by the Google Police for breaking the G-law. Oh, how I languished behind bars!

My 96 year old Grandma came to my rescue: she totally pulled G-rank.

You see, Google had put my G+ account under review for using the name "JC Little".

Maybe they were suspicious of the name "JC"...? Maybe they thought it was a nym?

You can't argue with my Grandma. She's a retired Judge. And she was also the Chairman of Hallowe'en for the whole province of Quebec when UNICEF started their Trick or Treat collection thing back in the day. Someone had to organize the schools for that and my Grandma was that someone.

I know you're impressed right? So how 'bout a +1 for Pickle Weasel?