October 8, 2011

The KING of the CORN.

We got up early today and went to the Jean Talon Market. Man, I love it there. We picked up a few dozen corn on the cob - fresh farm picked from Le Roi du Maïs* - with no pesticides. How awesome is that?
*The King of Corn.

So this evening I'm shucking this fabulously fresh pesticide free sweet corn thinking about butter and I get to about the 9th cob. I peel back the leaves and notice a tiny dark spot on the tip. So I take a closer look and the darn thing begins to extrude itself from the corn right before my very eyes. A worm! And it's waving at me!

"AAAAAAAAA!" I screamed and dropped the corn into the sink. Everyone came running.

Now you may not know this about me but I'm squeamish when it comes to larvae of any kind, including caterpillars. Something about their undulating, blobby shapes just makes me wanna hurl. BLEGH!

The 17 year old daughter felt sorry for the worm so she scooped him up and found him a cozy spot in the garden compost. As for me, I totally lost my appetite for a whole ten minutes. I was truly grossed out. But even so, I was thinking, wow, this pesticide free corn means I might encounter a pest or two. Hmmmm....

Folks, squeamish as I am, I'll take the pests over the pesticides any day.

Vive Le Roi du Maïs!

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