October 18, 2011

"FRENCHING" ...an independent film.

I made a film!

Have you ever felt like an outsider? A stranger in a strange land...? Joe Ollmann, (a Doug Wright Award-winning cartoonist), plays himself live and animated as an English-speaking transplant fumbling his way through French-speaking Montreal.

Me and my videographer friend Jen wanted to do a film together. I was obsessed with making Joe's characters come to life. Here's how we made "Frenching".

Joe is as nice as he is funny and talented, and I'd work with him again in a heartbeat. The animators had fun with his characters too. I also loved the music by Tom Mennier.

Recognize any famous Montreal landmarks?

PS: I embedded the directors' cut here cuz it has the credits and I think the team deserve credit. Here's the Bravo!FACT version; we thank them kindly for assisting in the funding.