October 6, 2010

Le "Frenching".

Those who know me have seen my occasional tweet, "Frenching - blah blah blah... "
followed by, "... I'm exhausted... blah blah blah... groan... exhaustion... so tired... blah blah blah... etc".

"Frenching" is my latest film, a playful mix of live-action and animation.

My friend Jen introduced me to the work of Joe Ollmann two years ago. He's an award-winning cartoonist with several books under his belt in a hilariously gritty style.

The framed artwork from his comic "Frenching" hung on Jen's wall, beckoning to me...

Gazing at the characters on the page, I was like "Ohmigaaaaaaaaaaah.....!!!" cuz I could already see them moving and hear them speaking. They were calling out to me...

I just knew I had to bring Joe's work to life.

Jen and I managed to convince Bravo!FACT to help fund the film. That was in June 2010.

"What's the story behind "Frenching" JC!?" I hear you ask, "and uh, why do you burn yourself out like this?"

Let me ask you this: Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like you couldn't understand what people were saying and that they couldn't understand you? A fish out of water...?
A stranger in a strange land...? Huh? ...HUH?!? HAVE YOU??

Well, I have.

And that's what our English-speaking hero feels as he fumbles his way through French-speaking Montreal. It's not a language thing; it's a human thing.

If you've been following my life over the past few months, you prolly know that I Frenching-ed my way through the summer holiday; I Frenching-ed my way through the back-to-school thing; I Frenching-ed my way through my taxes; and I even Frenching-ed my way through plusieurs blogposts de merde, callis! VoilĂ !

So what happens to the central character in the story? Does he make it in the end? Will he find a way to get along...?

Now that Frenching is done, will I get a break from my infernal creative drive?!?

I wonder you ever found a way to get along when you were a fish out of water. Do tell, s'il vous plait...!

See the finished film.