October 6, 2010

Le "Frenching".

Those who know me have seen my occasional tweet, "Frenching - blah blah blah... "
followed by, "... I'm exhausted... blah blah blah... groan... exhaustion... so tired... blah blah blah... etc".

"Frenching" is my latest film, a playful mix of live-action and animation.

My friend Jen introduced me to the work of Joe Ollmann two years ago. He's an award-winning cartoonist with several books under his belt in a hilariously gritty style.

The framed artwork from his comic "Frenching" hung on Jen's wall, beckoning to me...

Gazing at the characters on the page, I was like "Ohmigaaaaaaaaaaah.....!!!" cuz I could already see them moving and hear them speaking. They were calling out to me...

I just knew I had to bring Joe's work to life.

Jen and I managed to convince Bravo!FACT to help fund the film. That was in June 2010.

"What's the story behind "Frenching" JC!?" I hear you ask, "and uh, why do you burn yourself out like this?"

Let me ask you this: Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like you couldn't understand what people were saying and that they couldn't understand you? A fish out of water...?
A stranger in a strange land...? Huh? ...HUH?!? HAVE YOU??

Well, I have.

And that's what our English-speaking hero feels as he fumbles his way through French-speaking Montreal. It's not a language thing; it's a human thing.

If you've been following my life over the past few months, you prolly know that I Frenching-ed my way through the summer holiday; I Frenching-ed my way through the back-to-school thing; I Frenching-ed my way through my taxes; and I even Frenching-ed my way through plusieurs blogposts de merde, callis! VoilĂ !

So what happens to the central character in the story? Does he make it in the end? Will he find a way to get along...?

Now that Frenching is done, will I get a break from my infernal creative drive?!?

I wonder you ever found a way to get along when you were a fish out of water. Do tell, s'il vous plait...!

See the finished film.


  1. I love it when you say Frenching over and over again! LOL!! Great job gettin' it done. Looks fun. Can we see?!?!

  2. @ Nina - Thanks! It's a funny little film. You'll be able to see it on the Bravo site at some point, and they'll be broadcasting it on TV. Sounds dumb but I don't know when! I'll keep you posted!

  3. i love it dont know french so i would be lost but i love all ur stuff so u rock


  4. I love it! I especially love how you use "Frenching" as a verb in the past tense. Cute!

  5. Bonjour! That means once again funny and entertaining.... doesn't it!? ;)

  6. Omg, I so want to see this film! I am a total sucker for independent films and have been known to stay up till the wee hours of the morning watching films where I don't understand a single word they are saying, but I'm entralled. All this to say: I am so amazed by those that can make something spring to life on film. Can't wait to see it!

  7. The film is mainly in English with cute speech bubbles in French and English to translate - that's the beauty is that everyone should understand it! (and hopefully laugh in the right places).

  8. Oh, this is so wonderful.

    Found you through Little Hen House,and am loving your posts.

    Yes, I do feel as if I"m Frenching my way through much of the things in my life.

    This morning, just had a ghastly meeting with the H.S. counselour for my son, and she was all up in arms on "college prep starts now" and I am "let him get a few B's and C's. So much pressure on a 14 yr old" and she continued, "He needs community service hours! He needs to be in band, He needs to get a Part Time job to show he can work and go to school..He needs..."

    Oh.my.Goodness...can we let him be a kid. She looked at me ,just like, "you don't know what is important, lady."

    So. Yes. Thank you for this wonderful morning here, and your posts. Thank you.


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