January 29, 2011

More StickFOOD.

BREAKING NEWS: The husband has just informed me that it's my turn to cook AGAIN.
And that can mean only one thing.

So who's making dinner at your house tonight?

It was my 13 year old daughter's idea to anthropomorphize the Stick FOOD. 

StickFOOD gear is now available in my Zazzle Shop.



  1. I think DH is cooking...possible stuffed pork chops:) I love it when he cooks, even if it means I have a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen when he's done!

  2. I kinda want a Stick Tea-Shirt.

  3. well stick pizza it is then.

  4. Does it all come in "stick" packaging? ;)

    Love the look on the apple's face - was he expecting caramel coating?

  5. I'll take some stick tea. I like it.

  6. I just stick to cooking...you're husband's dinner, makes my husband's dinner looks gourmet!

  7. ok the stick apple, looks a lot like my head? is that why it's saying "wtf"? also the stick tea has the same dental plan as why is daddy crying, which means it should be crying. Again you bring us brilliance.


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