January 24, 2011

3000 Follower WINNERS.

If you didn't win a t-shirt here, there is a consolation prize. It's called "The Battle of the BABIES" and it's pretty epic if I do say so myself.

Time to announce the winner for the 3000 FOLLOWERS "speech bubble" contest! 
It weren't easy. I struggled....the entries were all great. It tickled my funny bone to see how many of you really pay attention to the stuff that goes on around here. Even if you missed the contest, it's worth reading it just for the entries, heheh.

So right! Two winners coming right up. But first, know this:

Humor is subjective. The only person who had to find these funny was me. The only person who gets to wear this shirt, is the winner. So you might not find these as funny as I do, and that's okay. Got that? Good! Great! Fabby! All decisions are final.

Top winner is Frazzledmomma AKA @ihave7monsters!

And a close second is @EllieM72!

And that's it! I'll get a hold of you both on Twitter and get your sizes.

Special mentions of appreciation go to:
@mentallyinked for "Animated is the new BLACK."
@barbieangell for "i'm not as drunk as you tweet i am."
And @brermatt for "Baby Palin 2012" and a ton of enthusiam.

That was fun. Shall we do it again some time?



  1. congrads they are great

  2. congrats to the winners. You are all awesome ! JC can NOT wait to see what happens when you break 5k ( like next weekend) LOL Love ya

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    It was a ton of fun! Let's do it again!

  4. A BIG congratulations to the winners! :D That was loads of fun!


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