January 5, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The GLAMOROUS.

Every year we have an Impromptu Black Tie Pot Luck New Years Eve Party. If you're invited you dress to the nines and bring a dish. It's always been a killer party, but this year was special because my pro-photographer friend Kathy Slamen ( AKA @HelloPhotoKitty) brought her gear and set up a photo-shoot in our bedroom. Kathy's talents lie not only in her exquisite framing, lighting and capturing the moment, but she's able to direct a group of wildness into nothing less than stunning theatre. Her professional tagline? "It's a cruel world... Look good in it."

You want to look good in your world? Get Kathy Slamen.

There's so many great pix to choose from, and since this is my blog, I get to show you mostly pictures of ME, ME, ME!!!

Happy New Year. Guess which one is me...?