January 25, 2011

Stick FOOD.

I'm sitting here drawing and my husband comes in and lays some bad news on me: it's my turn to make supper. Ugh. Can you believe I'd rather draw it than cook it? Laziness is a bizarre motivator for art. But I bet I could make your mouth water with my stick food recipes.....

So I asked my tweeps what they were hungry for. You're welcome.

We've got Buffalo burger with cheddar cheese, ketchup and mustard for @Jeff_Venting

A bowl of ramen for @snarkymomma

Sushi (with wasabe and pickled ginger on the side) for @nicolewelkener and @jennheffer

A a very unhealthy fried twinkie dunked in chocolate on a stick...WITH powdered sugar for @EllieM72...

A big ole plate chinese food for @ksceviour! (Notice the different shaped chopsticks? They're not like the pointy Japanese ones).

Eggs and bacon for @RyanneSiobhain even though she ordered LATE....

Matchstick carrots for @80sgirlforever. How appropriate, my dear. Crunchy but warm! That's the way I do 'em. With butter and some lemon zest

I put the rib steak on for @flyddw but I had to go tuck my 10 year old boy in, and when I came back downstairs it was actually on fire. I had to break out my fire extinguisher. It's kind of burnt. I wiped all the foam off though. Sorry!


The only thing I couldn't make was @Mr_Glisner's chicken Parmesan. We're fresh out of poultry. I hope you'll be satisfied with @TrashCanRoxanne's lovely Avocado Soup.

These recipes are very low fat. And no dishes either. If you enjoyed this meal, please feel free to offer your compliments to the Chef, in the comment box below.

Bon appetit!