October 21, 2010

YOU. @BrerMatt

Hi guys!

This is the first of a new series on my blog called "YOU". It's a very simple concept : I draw YOU.

Here's the rules:
  1. I decide which of YOU I draw. I always get inspired by something...usually it's something funny or interesting that YOU've said to me.
  2. I draw YOU for free. I don't want money.
  3. YOU must trust me. I won't do anything gross. And I'll warn YOU first so if YOU don't want me to draw YOU, then I'll restrain myself. Or I'll draw YOU in secret and giggle to myself.
  4. I post the drawing of YOU here on my blog.
  5. YOU can link to it, take the drawing and post it on your blog, FaceBook it, use it as your avatar blah, blah, blah. Just make sure YOU give me credit and a link back to The Animated Woman.
All good?

Let's get started!

First up is Matt Hoskins, AKA @BrerMatt on twitter. He's got a blog of his own, he's relentlessly funny, but also warm and real. He's planning on hanging this drawing on his son's bedroom wall; isn't that cute? He hasn't even seen it yet! Trust people, that's what I'm talking about. TRUST.

I was inspired to draw Matt when he commented on my HalloWINE blog post suggesting we make a "Cardboardasaurus" out of wine boxes. How could I resist?

Do YOU guys like this idea? I wonder who'll will be next.....

Cardboardasaurus gear is now available in my Zazzle Shop.



  1. Two things:
    1. Flipping awesome!
    2. I am going to start making my very own costume like this.

  2. awesomesauce :) esp. love the juice box tail

  3. Haha! I bet those are grape-flavored (or flavoured) juice boxes!

  4. Fantastic and very Green - always recycle

  5. The idea is awesome, and I am flattered and honored that you chose to draw me!

    The juice box tail is awesome.

    I wish my real cardboardasaurus had the convenient tap.

  6. That's awesome!This gives me motivation to buy wineboxes and make my son's halloween costume..lol

  7. Wow -- the best reason to crack open a box of shiraz---can you just draw the good bits of me and forget the rest???

  8. That is so great, love it!! I want to be next, please!!!

  9. Fantastic, JC! I love it! Draw me, please!

  10. On a completely different note: how come your twitter icon is so much better than twitter's icon? mind if I noise it about? they may get pissed...

  11. I am a total greenie, so I really love this idea. Plus I did a post a few weeks ago where I showed a pic of my mom's juice box costume she made for me---and I hated it:


    My BFF was dressed as Madonna (that is my costume for this year, FINALLY), and I was totally jealous.

    Love this idea for a new series! You go, girl!

    Happy friday,
    erin @ the mother load

  12. Awesome! Gotta love the convenient tap.

    And, you do know that anything I say to you, in any context, from this point in time onwards, will be motivated by me hoping you think it's cool enough that you'll draw me, right? It's like you've made yourself the cool kid, and I'm willing to give you a year's worth of the fruit roll up in my lunch to be your friend.

    Just saying!

  13. I LOVE IT!!! What a fabulous idea for a series... Great job! I am howling!

  14. =o) Holy cow! Great idea! (I love it more than I love chocolate - you don't know me.. but that is saying A LOT!) Your artwork (quite simply) ROCKS.

  15. This is so hilarious. And I love it way more than chocolate, but I don't love chocolate. I love it more than cream of mushroom soup!


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