October 13, 2010

My PINK Guitar.

This is my pink guitar. I think it's pretty awesome.

My friend Brian who used to play in my band gave it to me when we were visiting him in Wales this summer. He said he rescued it from the garbage. No lie. 

It doesn't stay in tune and it looks like a toy but that makes me like it more! My PINK guitar!!

Did you used to be in a band?

I'm kinda attached to My BOOBS. So I'm supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with the colour PINK.



  1. i so love it thanks

  2. Hee hee. Another link to your BOOBS! Ha.

  3. @ Ang - Hon, you are made of awesome. I'm glad you like my pink guitar (even though it won't stay in tune).

    @ Leslie - Those BOOBS may just be the greatest thing I've ever done. Time will tell.

  4. I was in a punk band when I was 15... This was 1981 I think. One drummer one guitar player and 4 singers. We would bang on symbols with drum sticks and scream a lot.
    I kid you not, we were called the Screaming Hormones.

  5. I use to be in choir does that count?

  6. @ Rob A. - I am not surprized. That sounds so frikkin' awesome. Who thought of the name?

    @ Susan - Choir counts!!

  7. i played drums in a band for two years in high school. I was the youngest member by a looong shot. we got paid by keg beer and I always had to sneak out of my house to go play local gigs at dive bars. Ahhhh....those were the days.

    The pink guitar is badass!!!

  8. I always wanted to be a musician but can't carry a tune or remember lyrics so I just became a vapid fan. I once drew Leonard Cohen a pink cartoon.

  9. The drummer, Mark Gaudet. He went gone on to be a real musician in bands like Eric's Trip in New Brunswick. The rest of us gave up!

  10. YES! I would totally learn how to play the guitar if I had a pink one. AWESOME!!


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