July 5, 2010


It's important to have a sense of humour in life; animation comes in especially handy for this as you might imagine, haha. I tweeted all day long about my wayward Macbook Pro, (which I bought after seeing a DEAD Rat), that was apparently supposed to be delivered last Friday, and was apparently going to be delivered any minute now.

Now this laptop is no ordinary luxury item - I mean, yeah, it's kickass and all - but I need it for work, because I have an animation job I have to deliver right after my family vacation. I know, I'm not supposed to work on my vacation; but for me, it's actually fun. I mean really wanted to get the badass Dell, but it wasn't going to get delivered in time, so I went for the Mac instead. They promised me I'd make my deadline. You get the irony here? Dudes I am leaving in ONE WEEK. It's getting a little tight!

My twitter following is awesome; they held my hand ALL DAY LONG. One of them, super dude @DaddyYoEffinRox of the DaddyYoBlog, suggested I animate this. I thought it totally RAWKED!! So I did =D

And...I offer it to you, all my lovely tweeples who helped me crawl through the day. It's short but hey, so is life, right?

Now please cross your fingers that I get that *bleep* *bleep* *bleeeeeeep* ing laptop tomorrow.

Did JC ever get her laptop? Check the Lost and Found.

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  1. Loved the animation! Here's to hoping it shows tomorrow!

  2. Funny! Thanks for offering me a chance (at your expense) to laugh at Brown who I hate with a passion. They usually don't deliver when they say they will or they make you waste the whole day at home waiting for them to get to you by around 7pm. Either way it's a lousy way to run a business. I hope they get to you in time for you to meet your deadline without too much trauma. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Funny video! That really does stink. Yes, the irony...darn you, UPS and MAC!! She needs her computer ASAP! Send her a gift card for the Apple Store now, please. Thanks.

  4. Okay, you not getting your laptop sucks, but that? Was awesome. LOL Fingers crossed they get their act together tomorrow!

  5. Outstanding! Love it - short & sweet... well, not so sweet since UPS failed to deliver. Ok, more positive thinking it'll arrive tomorrow. Thank you for sharing. I so enjoy watching your animation videos. =)

  6. Love the vid! UPS, usually, probably, sometimes... Hope it comes today!

  7. That was awesome! New laptop vibes...

  8. Glad you got your Mac after all!


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