July 5, 2010


It's important to have a sense of humour in life; animation comes in especially handy for this as you might imagine, haha. I tweeted all day long about my wayward Macbook Pro, (which I bought after seeing a DEAD Rat), that was apparently supposed to be delivered last Friday, and was apparently going to be delivered any minute now.

Now this laptop is no ordinary luxury item - I mean, yeah, it's kickass and all - but I need it for work, because I have an animation job I have to deliver right after my family vacation. I know, I'm not supposed to work on my vacation; but for me, it's actually fun. I mean really wanted to get the badass Dell, but it wasn't going to get delivered in time, so I went for the Mac instead. They promised me I'd make my deadline. You get the irony here? Dudes I am leaving in ONE WEEK. It's getting a little tight!

My twitter following is awesome; they held my hand ALL DAY LONG. One of them, super dude @DaddyYoEffinRox of the DaddyYoBlog, suggested I animate this. I thought it totally RAWKED!! So I did =D

And...I offer it to you, all my lovely tweeples who helped me crawl through the day. It's short but hey, so is life, right?

Now please cross your fingers that I get that *bleep* *bleep* *bleeeeeeep* ing laptop tomorrow.

Did JC ever get her laptop? Check the Lost and Found.

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