July 7, 2010

Lost and Found.


Yesssss! Three days late, the UPS truck finally did show up. But not before first calling me to say the package was lost. Oh, ok, they didn't use the word "lost", pardonnez-moi; they simply said they couldn't "find" it. Sounds kinda like LOST don't it?!? Which made me feel like half way between broken-hearted and barfing.

Thirty agonizing minutes later... I'm not sure if it was the twitter angels bringing my plight to the attention of @EvanAtUPS or what, but just then the doorbell suddenly rang.

And voilĂ !
What's that yucky brown stain?  See this animation.

My joy was somewhat shortlived. During all this waiting for the brown UPS truck, the electricity company somehow managed to accidentally disconnect my phone AND internet, shaving yet another decade off my life expectancy.

So here I sit, stuck at home waiting for yet another coupla guys in different coloured trucks to show up and fix it...

And since I'm sitting around waiting, I'm trying to install Bootcamp on this crazy Macbook Pro myself, and it's eating me alive.

See the grey?

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