July 3, 2010


Enough clowning around.

Here's another teaser for the sequel to the film "Why is Daddy Crying?" in which we answer the question...what is in that BOX??

I know you're all on the edge of your seats, and getting kinda tingly with anticipation. Hah!

Just feast your eyes on the innocent and unsuspecting expression on the Daddy's face. Prolly thinks there's chocolates in there. Or a neck-tie. Or a new blow-up doll.

Based on the remarkable life and times of daddy blogger extraordinaire WhyIsDaddyCrying.com, AKA @WhyIsDaddyCryin on Twitter and coming SOON to a laptop near you, "Why is Daddy Really Crying".

Think you know #whatsintheBOX? Comment below, I'll do a draw of all the entries and send the winner our animation DVD's sometime next week. Real casual-like contest.

Keep it clean, there's grownups in the room.

What happens next? Click to find out...!