July 10, 2010

Be Very, Very, VERY Afraid.

We have a Winner!

Last night I reviewed all the entries to my #whatsintheBOX contest - they are hilarious! Go see what everyone thinks is in @WhyIsDaddyCryin's Father's Day gift...!

We had 19 guesses in all, though one was kinda late so I can't count it. It was still funny though! And that's the whole point here: to have fun and *laugh out loud*. "Ha ha ha."

Last night I asked my random number generator (my ten year old son) to choose a number from 1 to 18. He chose number 13!!! The 13th comment came from (drum roll) ..... Lisa!!! AKA @LadyWanderlust - Congratulations Lisa!

I promised I would draw the winner as well as "draw" the winner. So here's Lisa à-la-JC style. As you can see from this drawing, she's over the moon with happiness at winning a couple of our Little Animation 4kids DVD's.

Lisa has two blogs - World According 2 Lisa: A Blogeddess' Tale and The Jaded Heart Still Beats. But why don't I let her speak for herself. My BFFFF @TrashcanRoxanne came over and we opened a bottle of wine and made up a bunch of questions to ask her: 

JC: Hi Lisa!! Let`s start with a skill testing question (haha!) and move on from there.
Subtract your number of followers from those you follow. Multiply by the number of lists you`re in. Add 2. Add another 3. Take away zero. Now divide the first half by your age. If you can do that you WIN!! LOL!  

Lisa: Ummmm, there is a reason I teach GEOGRAPHY!  But here's my answer:  11 X 46 =  506 + 2 + 3 = 511 / 4 = 12.46

JC: I can't believe you actually got that...wow. Okay. Who are you and what are you made of?

Lisa: I am an independent woman, single mother of two and teacher made of confidence, drive, guarded love...and bacon and butter!

JC: You're made of bacon and butter? Two of my favourite food groups!! Next question - What`s your favourite household chore? And why not? 

Lisa: My favorite is vaccuuming because I get a sense of accomplishment.  I HATE folding laundry because, well, I just do.  I HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY!

JC: STOP SHOUTING! Only I am allowed to shout on my blog. Now tell us why you're wearing that crown?

Lisa: I am a self-proclaimed Blogoddess (blog + goddess)! It's proof of all the power that the voices in my head say I have.

JC: Voices in your head? So I'm not the only one?? *kidding* Your guess­ as to #whatsintheBOX was "I say it's a positive pregnancy test"; What made you guess this?

Lisa: Well, if I had a positive pregnancy stick...I would be more than @WhyIsBlogoddessCrying... it would be more like @WhyIsLisaInAFetalPosition&Drunk.... besides, he looks virile and manly, like a baby-making monster.

JC: (message to @WhyisDaddyCryin's wife - you getting this?) Next question: Do you think @WhyisDaddyCryin is a big "cry-daddy"? Give two and a half reasons.

Lisa: Yes, of course!  1), all men are BIG cry babies.  2) all parents are cry babies....when they have rugrats that young.   2.5) because he just is!

JC: Hahaha! Right. How much would you pay to see him run naked through the streets of Chicago? And would you pay cash?

Lisa: Ummmm, I have not had a date is such a long time, so it might be worth $8.00 (price of a movie) for me to see some @WhyisDaddyCryin man-junk running around town.  Besides, Chicago is one of my most fave towns ever!

JC: As much as that? Wow. Okay, last question: Have you ever had a Stick Figure Portrait done before?

Lisa: Of course...as a teacher I use stick art all the time.... you should my King Leopold of Belgium.....

That's it folks! Thanks again for entering this slightly silly contest.
I'll leave you with a last little teaser for the upcoming release of "Why is Daddy Really Crying?" or "What's in the BOX???"

It seems that even the Unicorn is in on it.

Based on the remarkable life and times of daddy blogger extraordinaire WhyIsDaddyCrying.com, and coming SOON to a laptop near you, the sequel to this.

Stay tooned!

What happens next? Click to find out...!



  1. I look absolutely royal and devine. I sound witty only because you asked so clever questions...and it was really late and I just said what first came to my head. :-)

  2. great job!! I should have enterted the contest but couldn't think of what in the box... lol.. Good winner!!! Congrats!!


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