September 6, 2012

My home.

Politics? Not usually something I engage in publically. But since Pauline Marois’ historic victory in the 2012 Québec Provincial Elections, this image has persisted in my mind's eye:

The election campaign, the results, and the fatal shooting at the Parti Québécois celebration rally left me with some lingering thoughts and feelings.
  1. I’m reasonably bilingual and I like it. 
  2. Language issues remain divisive for some folks. But those who speak with violence ne parlent pas pour moi
  3. Although I don’t consider myself a separatist, I love living in Québec. I especially love Montreal, peu importe ma langue maternelle.  
  4. Honestly... I’m no longer certain what it means to me to be Canadian since Harper was elected as Prime Minister. The Canada I loved feels like it's disintegrating.
  5. Some Canadians outside of Québec seem to have a peculiar idea about what it’s like to live here.
  6. The first people that lived in this land spoke neither French nor English. 
The Fleur-de-lys in the drawing is an emblem from the Québec flag. Did you know that “quebec” is originally a Mi’kmaq word? It means “strait”. I live here; it's my home.