September 22, 2012

Philly - TOON swag.

I went to Philadelphia. It was awesome. While I was there I met some of my Twitter friends.

Pic by the Cavanaugh's bartender.

I couldn't resist doing a little toon swag.

#UsGuys connection Jeff Belonger kindly organized the meetup - he runs MyPhillyAlive, a great resource if you want to find out what's going on in Philadelphia. Jeff updates it regularly and his passion for the city is infectious.

Jeff is fairly gregarious and tends to move around a lot.

Stealth photo by The Artistic Dork, AKA Mike.

But Gigi posed beautifully. She may have been frozen in terror, but it didn't show. I know the wondrous Gigi Peterkin from the Montreal #140Conf. She had me and The Huz doubled over with her witty repartee so seeing her again was a bonus.

Keep your eye on Gigi, for she's up to some amazing stuff, and is set to speak at the upcoming PodCamp.

And Mike Meulstee - also known as The Artistic Dork. Actually meeting/hugging Mike in person was one of the highlights of my trip.

We've been friends for a few years now - there's some people you just like to hang out with on Twitter and he's one of them - we finally got to meet IRL. Mike specializes in custom design and illustration for the web, he has an impressive portfolio and is also a kickass DrawSomething player.

I did lots of other stuff in Philadelphia, and I'll tell you about it later. But for now, please be satisfied with this:

Gonna fly now...tourists do crazy things right?


  1. Look at the artsy/designery types all wearing black in stark contrast to the smiles on their faces, haha!

    1. It's true. The artists wear black and the Jeff wears ...persimmon.

  2. Love it. I wanna go to Philly. Jeff has made me love it already :) great work JC ! Have fun and say hi for me!

  3. Love it. I wanna go to Philly. Jeff has made me love it already :) great work JC ! Have fun and say hi for me!

  4. Ha! Now I see your process as you threaten to stab Jeff!
    I probably wouldn't run up the stairs either. Your depiction of Artistic Dork is great. Never been to Philly, but you're swaying me to want to give up being a hermit.

    1. I wouldn't run up the stairs unless there was a defibrillator at the top.

  5. these are great not blue cowboy boots great but...


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