September 17, 2012

The First NonCon.

"Any questions...?"

I dunno about you, but I'm always terrified to ask my question at the end of a conference panel. My heart starts pounding, my mouth gets dry and I feel kinda dizzy.

And the questions that do get answered never have a chance to evolve into stimulating discussion. The three panels I attended at BlogHer12 all felt like they ended too soon.

Whelp. The very first ever Aiming Low NonCon is being launched October 12-13.
Their concept for panels is truly inclusive - they're calling them Roundtables*.
*Tables may not be perfectly round.

A session will have three tables running simultaneously on the same topic, each with its own leader. The Roundtable leader guides the discussion with the smaller group. You don't have to wait until the end to ask your question and the discussion can evolve organically.

Then they switch tables.

So you get to talk with each of the leaders and it gives you a more rounded spectrum of info on the topic.

Big, big conferences can be intimidating. But not the NonCon - here's the typical Aiming Low personality profile:

The NonCon has been thoughtfully programmed with the attendee in mind. Go to the NonCon and you'll get maximum take-away in blogging know-how, and hanging out with top bloggers who truly know their stuff. Chances are you'll also make friends for life.

The first NonCon is free; it's taking place in freaking paradise - seriously, check out the Callaway Gardens in Georgia. There's special rates for the NonCon, and The Huz is coming with me cuz it's so pretty. Well that, and the fact that James Brown was from around there.

I'll be the Opening 8 AM. Don't let my pyjamas fool you - I'll be wide awake.

The Closing Keynote is none other than Ree Drummond, AKA The Pioneer Woman.

I hear Friday night will have a super-hero themed costume party (my idea, naturellement). No promises but FUQMAN may make an appearance with the Maid of AWsum.

Space is limited! Register here.