November 4, 2010

Drawring Is Hard.

A guest post by Why Is Daddy Crying, AKA @WhyIsDaddyCryin

So the lovely and talented JC Little’s going to Cuba huh?
Didn’t she just freakin’ go on like some 8-month walk-about through Europe or something ridiculous?

Anyway, she sent me a note on Twitter kindly asking me if I’d try my hand at drawing a picture of her to put on her blog while she’s out gallivanting with Fidel Castro in Cuba.
How could I resist.

So, I opened up Microsoft Paint (please send me a check for that Mr. Gates!), looked at a few reference pics, and away I went.

Ten minutes later, there was still nothing on my screen. I realized that I had absolutely no idea what people do to vacation in Cuba!! I was a typical ignorant American who could only think of negative connotations with Cuba.

Were they going to go to a cigar shop for a week? Maybe spend time in the Eat Sh*t And Die Ronald Reagan museum? Chase goats through the streets?

Then, I started feeling really bad that I didn’t know what the 2 million-plus tourists that go to Cuba annually actually do there! (I got that figure off Wikipedia cause I can!)

Then I started reading about the rich heritage, amazing food, deep culture, and of course…Fidel and his nifty facial hair.

Now that I was educated I had stuff to draw!

Only….I SUCK at drawing! I started drawing JC first. I remembered her blog post about her knockers and knew she needed to have a nice set drawn on her. Then, my hand became possessed and all on its own drew her a nice booty to go with her knockers!

With my new found knowledge of Cuba…I drew a maraca which ended up just looking like a swatch ripped off Charlie Brown’s t-shirt.

Then I drew her hubby.

This is where I screwed up. She had said she was going with her 10-year-old son. Me being a man, didn’t listen to her and instead I drew her husband.

I remember the man wears aprons with no clothes underneath and loves his socks and sandals. Apparently I draw aprons like people draw barrels and his feet got run over by a semi-truck.

The cigar…well, I’d definitely buy me a nice Cuban cigar if I was there. And of course I’d wave the Cuban flag just to make damn sure Fidel didn’t find me and hang me from a telephone poll by my undies since my parents voted for Reagan in the 80s.

So, here you go JC. Here’s a picture that will haunt you for the rest of your life. I now have a complete understanding of how amazing your drawring talent really is.

I hope you have an amazing trip lady friend!



  1. HAHAHA...too funny! Love it.


  2. So sad, the knockers are way smaller than the caboose. At least the hubby is wearing newborn booties!

  3. Wow...just wow....I'm thinking JC must have some awesome talent...and you, Mr might need a lesson or two, but hey, this was FUN!

  4. haha lmfao i love it so love it good job @whyisdaddycryin u did good


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