November 4, 2010

Drawring Is Hard.

A guest post by Why Is Daddy Crying, AKA @WhyIsDaddyCryin

So the lovely and talented JC Little’s going to Cuba huh?
Didn’t she just freakin’ go on like some 8-month walk-about through Europe or something ridiculous?

Anyway, she sent me a note on Twitter kindly asking me if I’d try my hand at drawing a picture of her to put on her blog while she’s out gallivanting with Fidel Castro in Cuba.
How could I resist.

So, I opened up Microsoft Paint (please send me a check for that Mr. Gates!), looked at a few reference pics, and away I went.

Ten minutes later, there was still nothing on my screen. I realized that I had absolutely no idea what people do to vacation in Cuba!! I was a typical ignorant American who could only think of negative connotations with Cuba.

Were they going to go to a cigar shop for a week? Maybe spend time in the Eat Sh*t And Die Ronald Reagan museum? Chase goats through the streets?

Then, I started feeling really bad that I didn’t know what the 2 million-plus tourists that go to Cuba annually actually do there! (I got that figure off Wikipedia cause I can!)

Then I started reading about the rich heritage, amazing food, deep culture, and of course…Fidel and his nifty facial hair.

Now that I was educated I had stuff to draw!

Only….I SUCK at drawing! I started drawing JC first. I remembered her blog post about her knockers and knew she needed to have a nice set drawn on her. Then, my hand became possessed and all on its own drew her a nice booty to go with her knockers!

With my new found knowledge of Cuba…I drew a maraca which ended up just looking like a swatch ripped off Charlie Brown’s t-shirt.

Then I drew her hubby.

This is where I screwed up. She had said she was going with her 10-year-old son. Me being a man, didn’t listen to her and instead I drew her husband.

I remember the man wears aprons with no clothes underneath and loves his socks and sandals. Apparently I draw aprons like people draw barrels and his feet got run over by a semi-truck.

The cigar…well, I’d definitely buy me a nice Cuban cigar if I was there. And of course I’d wave the Cuban flag just to make damn sure Fidel didn’t find me and hang me from a telephone poll by my undies since my parents voted for Reagan in the 80s.

So, here you go JC. Here’s a picture that will haunt you for the rest of your life. I now have a complete understanding of how amazing your drawring talent really is.

I hope you have an amazing trip lady friend!