November 24, 2010


Here's the wine glass that holds a whole bottle of wine (750 ml).'s the proof!
But first, a DISCLAIMER - I realize it might be weird for you to see me in the flesh, with no make-up... weirder still to be faced with my ten year old boy wearing a towel on his head, and some random veges in a basket on the floor behind me, not to mention a green blanket thing which doesn't even belong to us I SWEAR. Please try to see beyond all that and just focus on the frikkin' glass.

Well that wasn't stressful at all, knowing that @DeeGirdler and @Lemonberry_ca , @Mrsvas and @danmoyle were waiting on me.

Cheeers! *raises glass with both hands*

For the record, the wine glass was a bit too big to be a good balance in my tiny hand. So yeah, we funnelled the wine back into the bottle and my husband and I shared it. With two normal sized glasses.



  1. Amazing! Two things:
    1. I want a glass like that.
    2. I'm totally coming to your house the next time I need random veggies.

  2. The best, best, best part of that video was watching your internal dialogue play out on your face as the wine was pouring into the glass.

    Also - I have that exact same scarf and actually wore it today. That's not creepy either.

  3. I totally want that green blanket!

  4. @ Brandi - Well come on over, there's plenty of random veggies in the FRIDGE. They're all organic and well aged!

    @ Mom O Matic - holy crap you don't say? @TrashCanRoxanne gave me that scarf just befor I went to CUBA. *it's a sign*

    @ Angie Max - Finders keepers!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Ok -A) uber hot even w/ out makeup and stuff

    b) gimme - glass - now

    c) love that the computer is on in the background, not doubt retweeting something clever I said and

    d) I'll be over soon for that glass you'll be giving me now!


  6. @ Lori Pace - thanks for the compliment and now I'm going to be your new best friend. I my husband put his laptop there in the kitchen so he wouldn't have to go to our home office to check his FB. There were too many BURNED dinners!

  7. JC - I love that glass! I'm gonna hafta get one. I was in awe - I never thought that it would fit. You don't need makeup, by the way. And, was I the only one marveling at that countertop? :-D

  8. Love the kid in the back with no shirt and a turban? running out of the shot!!!!

  9. @ Lorrie - another new best friend!! And that countertop is some kinda freaky Italian tiles that I picked out...they cost more than this house.

    @ Andrea - I had to pan and scan the whole vid to get rid of that kid. He's actually there from the beginning. Little scene stealer....

  10. That background music was very appropriate. Oddly, that veggie basket was too. Even odder: towel boy was appropriately placed as well!

    Don't worry about the green thing. It looks exactly like a dog's bed; I've seen many like that wherever there's a dog in the house. It looks very homely there.

  11. Great demo. The glass kind of frightens me in a way but I like it!