November 24, 2010


Here's the wine glass that holds a whole bottle of wine (750 ml).'s the proof!
But first, a DISCLAIMER - I realize it might be weird for you to see me in the flesh, with no make-up... weirder still to be faced with my ten year old boy wearing a towel on his head, and some random veges in a basket on the floor behind me, not to mention a green blanket thing which doesn't even belong to us I SWEAR. Please try to see beyond all that and just focus on the frikkin' glass.

Well that wasn't stressful at all, knowing that @DeeGirdler and @Lemonberry_ca , @Mrsvas and @danmoyle were waiting on me.

Cheeers! *raises glass with both hands*

For the record, the wine glass was a bit too big to be a good balance in my tiny hand. So yeah, we funnelled the wine back into the bottle and my husband and I shared it. With two normal sized glasses.