November 18, 2010

Sometimes LOVE.

She lives in Australia. He lives in the USA. They're in love BIG TIME.

About four months ago Kelly asked me if I would do some animation for her as a gift to her boyfriend, Phil. She was planning another trip to the states to visit him and wanted it to go live as her plane landed. How could I resist that kind of romantic inspiration?!?

The trip had to be postponed, but the commitment to their love remains solid. So here's the little film, going live just as she would have cleared customs and rushed into his's a gift to you both, from me.

Kelly is A.K.A. @FeistyKel. Phil is A.K.A. @pRezanow.

UPDATE - May 23, 2011: A whole six months after this was posted - Kelly and Phil are finally together. They've just spent ten days in each other's arms coast hopping from LA to NYC and back. They part in a few hours, both hoping it won't be such a long separation. Kelly and Phil I give you my biggest hugs! Sometimes love is more than enough to conquer long, especially with Skype!

Are you in love? Tell me your love story.



  1. Thank you so much! Distance is so hard, but we conquer it every day thanks to things like this! Thank you Kelly, and thank you Little Animation!

  2. This is more beautiful than I could have hoped. Phil and I have admired your animations for a year now, and to have you create something just for us, was just perfect. It has been a big year, but having found the love people look for all their lives, it's only going to get better and better. I am a lucky woman. What a beautiful celebration of a beautiful love. Thank you, so, so much. <3

  3. Awww.....I've said it before and I'll say it again: LOVE is cool.

  4. I love both Kelly and Phil - and this was awesome!

  5. That is so cute what a great story ! Best wishes to the couple.

  6. You know me and my sweet Markie Poo are twitterpatted in love.....and survival through health issues, and teenagers! :)

    Loved this! So cute!

  7. Thanks! @ -A, Peach and Lauri - Kelly and Phil are beautiful, warm people. I really loved making this film for them.


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