November 17, 2010

CUBA - Illustrated.

By now you guys know that I went to Cuba with my son to enjoy the hurricane weather and extreme credit card sports. How I wish it had turned out a little more like this fabulous guest post from Mom-O-matic...

Before she left for vacation JC asked if I would draw some pictures that showed what I imagined her trip to Cuba with her son would be like. Since my first exposure to Cuba was when the I Love Lucy show went to Havana I immediately pictured JC and her son arriving in full 1950's Cuban resort wear. Bongos included.

And then I envisioned JC being serenaded by a handsome Cuban band leader like in the book The Mambo Kings Sing Songs of Love.

But of course, in real life JC would want to spend less time swooning over tall dark Latin men in crisp white suits and more time showing her son the beautiful sights Cuba has to offer.

And she would surely pick up souvenirs to bring home for her family and friends.

But most of all, when I thought of JC and her son, I hoped they were having incredible adventures, eating delicious cuisine and smiling in the Cuban sunshine together.

Tanya (momomatic)

PS - Save me a Virgin Mary!


  1. Thanks for letting me have some fun on your blog. I think the fact that you gave your son a Cuban adventure is fabulous. Adventures are never supposed to be easy, then they would just be dull!

  2. @ Mom O Matic - I love the style of this art!! And that pic of me covering my sons eyes is hilarious, cuz I actually do that sometimes heheh. Also? I WANT that blue polka dot bathing suit.

    Thanks for the guest post, hon!

  3. I want that chick's waist. Can you get it without the aid of painful body modification devices, do you think? Or maybe just less beer?

    Nice job, Mom O Matic. Love your artwork (and look--no passive aggressive quotation marks around the word art!)

  4. Gwen - Tooning is art and I'm glad my stunning doodles have brought you around to my way of thinking. Now go visit some European museum and frown discerningly at the Masters.

    JC - Happy too!

    Roxanne & Leslie - Thanks!

  5. hilarious post. loved the art and those handsome Cuban men...sigh...


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