September 1, 2010


This is the story of a lifetime. The story of my boobs.

When I was a toddler, I went topless.
I was young, and unfettered by preconceived notions about boobs.

When I was teenager, I didn't want anyone to know I had boobs. I was deeply embarrassed by their existence.

But then, one morning I woke up and I was eighteen and lovely. I knew that my boobs had some kind of awesome power. People were being hypnotized by them, left, right and center.

The boob-powers went wild for a while, but eventually they settled down. When I married, my boobs seemed to swell with love.

The love in my boobs grew even more with pregnancy.

And when my babies were born, I discovered that bras went all the way up to H.

But then, my babies sucked away my boobs! This was actually cool, because people would finally look at my face when I spoke. My professional life flourished.

These days, thanks to she-who-shall-not-be-named MENOPAUSE, my boobs are up and down. I had a little scare a couple years ago, but everything turned out ok....anyways, I try to take care of them and check them every now and again. My husband helps me with that sometimes.

I wonder what the future holds for my boobs...

Tell me about your boobs.

You have the opportunity to make someone else smile by sharing.