September 11, 2010

The Bad DOG.

This is not a great choice of name for a dog, I think to myself as I chase after her through the park, shouting, "Baby!! Come back!! Baby! Oh Baby, please come baaaaaaaack!!!"

Baby's been with us since she was five weeks old, rescued from a litter of puppies headed for the mill. Pretty white fluff-ball, had us all fooled.

But she's been hard work. For starters, she's smart. Too smart. And she's terrified of the front door. Intelligence + Fear = TROUBLE.

Once she bit the Post Lady on the face. The Post Lady bent down to pet her at the front door, breaking Rule No. 1 in the Mail Man's Rule Book. This made Baby a HERO in the Dog World.

And just the other day, my thirteen year old daughter came home with this one boy. Baby tried to eat him!! And who can blame her? He came through the front door!

Training? Oh she's had LOTS of training. And so have we...

Don't worry, the Post Lady was OK, and so was the boy. Despite the fact that Baby is a Bad DOG, I still love her.

Tell me about your dogs.

PS. These are life-drawn sketches. That's why they look a little different from what you usually see up here.



  1. i just so love her she is great
    love it

  2. @ palpinkPITA - do you want my dog? It'll be hard to part with her, but you can have her if you really want.

  3. your sketches are fantastic!

    we have a mini Poodle named Monster, the ultimate paradox. He is lazy and fluffy and all he ever wants is for people to rub his belly. The mailman is not a threat. In fact, he knows the mailman carries doggie biscuits, so he is extra excited and happy to see him.

    Monster was very sick as a puppy, so he ended up sleeping in our bed so I could keep close watch on him even at night. And 6 years later, he is still sleeping there.

    He has the same bed he's had since we brought him home. He loves it. Tried to get him a new one, but he prefers his old, tattered bed. He carries it in his mouth and places it wherever he'd like to lay. His other favorite spot is atop the couch, like a cat.


  4. Aw! She's so cute! I love this. My childhood dog's name was Villa. She took forever to house train. She was a border collie/German Shepard mix. Found in the Bronx. Never liked the vacuum cleaner and was afraid of brooms. My brother found her when he was cutting class in high school one day. She lived with us for 15 years. Had her since the 4th grade!

  5. British Artist Chris Wood inherited a very unusual and some might say a very lucky, very well endowed King Charles Spaniel. The lucky dogs marriage tackle is so extreme that he must have been half Great Dane! I'm not at all jealous he keeps peeing all over himself which mean he doesn't have very many friends !

  6. I have a dog with the same issues - sweet as pie but if she senses I am unhappy with someone being there - IRS, Police, etc. - she will get very aggressive. Also with my nosy neighbor Carol. If Carol knocks on the doors and I mumble Oh Shit under my breath, Belle will make it very clear that Carol IS NOT WELCOME AT THIS TIME. Definite alpha female. And a pit.

  7. Oi, we had a golden retriever that was dominant. Worked with a behaviorist and did all sorts of wacky things.

    Ate first so he knew we were alpha, never let him sleep on our bed (the top of the pack sleeps highest), all that good stuff. And baby gates, we had so many step-on baby gates it was like cell block H. (Because only alpha's have free reign of the house or something.)

    Sadly when we had kids we had to put him to sleep. He just was too unpredictable and got even worse as he got older. But we tried our hardest and really did adore him and the time we had with him.

    It is not an easy road my dear. Kudos to you for working with your pup!

  8. A dog that eats boys that come for your daughter? I need to get a couple of those. That's brilliant. Give that dog a Snausage for that one.

    Growing up, I had a collie name Merry (I got her at Christmas). She was the family dog, but she was really my dog. I could write a ton of stories about her. Some of my favorites were when she was about a year old, we had a huge snow storm (we where living in Cheyenne, WY, and it can snow there). There were snow drifts up to the gutters. She would go in the back yard, and run around like a wild indian. She'd pop up in one area, disappear, and pop up twenty feet away. The ironic thing was that while she loved the snow, she hated the rain.

    Another time, while living in San Diego, CA, she had an allergic reaction to some grass, and had a bad rash. Well, being a collie with LOTS of fur, we had to have her shaved, leaving only the hair on her head and tail. She was genuinely embarrassed to go outside until her hair grew back.

    There are a bunch more, but these are a couple that popped into my mind.

  9. What great dog stories! Gee I actually love my dog more now...

    @ Erin - does Monstre bring his old bed onto your bed?

    @ Old School/New School Mom - Baby is also afraid of the vacuum cleaner. She thinks it's alive or something.

    @ Chris Wood - your dog should meet Baby, then he could teach her a lesson by peeing on her.

    @ Anonymous - My dog is not selective about the front door. You are lucky. Wanna trade dogs?

    @ Momomatic - yeah, we've done all that alpha training, eating first, hand feeding, going through the door first. She's pretty well trained, and affectionate's really all about the front door. I totally understand about your dog and the kids though...

    @ Todd - an allergic reaction to grass? Yeesh poor doggie. It's true they don't like to be naked. That's pretty funny!

  10. Awww.. what a story! I meet dogs like that all of the time. Never a dull moment!

  11. We have a mini schnauzer mix
    She thinks she is a big bad beefy Pit Mix
    Her name is LugNut
    And is quite the protective mutt
    When the kidlets are out to play
    She keeps the cows and horses at bay
    Beware if you approach the door
    You may get more than you bargain for.
    She sleeps in the bed
    Under the covers like a ball of lead.
    Her head on the pillow
    Her snore just a lil' shallow

    heh heh.

  12. my dod jabar was too possessive and dominating. played at his own time in his own ways. he was over-active and wanted to play at all times.

    no one dared to shake hands with the family members in its presence. his way to stop a person from moving towards a particular direction was simple - its feet on that person's feet. try to remove it and get bit.

    its way to get attention was simple - go to kitchen, jump on glass table, chew shoes or jump up to the beds and quickly jump down, thereby throwing mattresses down.

    it died two years back of liver problems and edema. your blog reminded me of my BABY.

  13. Let me start off by saying I am completely paranoid about leaving my dog with anyone. After a few bad experiences we had just about given up on thinking we could go on vacation without worry. That all started to change a while back when we walked into Happy Dogs and met Jennifer (the detail-oriented, dog-loving owner). dog names


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