September 11, 2010

The Bad DOG.

This is not a great choice of name for a dog, I think to myself as I chase after her through the park, shouting, "Baby!! Come back!! Baby! Oh Baby, please come baaaaaaaack!!!"

Baby's been with us since she was five weeks old, rescued from a litter of puppies headed for the mill. Pretty white fluff-ball, had us all fooled.

But she's been hard work. For starters, she's smart. Too smart. And she's terrified of the front door. Intelligence + Fear = TROUBLE.

Once she bit the Post Lady on the face. The Post Lady bent down to pet her at the front door, breaking Rule No. 1 in the Mail Man's Rule Book. This made Baby a HERO in the Dog World.

And just the other day, my thirteen year old daughter came home with this one boy. Baby tried to eat him!! And who can blame her? He came through the front door!

Training? Oh she's had LOTS of training. And so have we...

Don't worry, the Post Lady was OK, and so was the boy. Despite the fact that Baby is a Bad DOG, I still love her.

Tell me about your dogs.

PS. These are life-drawn sketches. That's why they look a little different from what you usually see up here.