November 22, 2014

5 NAKED Couples.

WARNING: Naked stick figures.

I was listening to the "Pitching Perfect" Blogging Betties podcast this week, where they were interviewing pro-writer Allison Tait. She shares good guidance on how to pitch freelance writing stories.

It's important to get an angle on a story, and the example given by Allison was, "five naked couples talking about the sex they never have". Me being me, I immediately imagined what that would look like. And me being me, the images are haunting me. So, me being me, I'm sharing them with you. You're welkies!

Couple number 1.

Couple number 2.

Couple number 3.

Couple number 4.

Couple number 5.

Allison says that you have to be able to deliver on whatever angle you pitch. Meaning you better have those five couples lined up and ready to talk naked. Good thing I can draw.

If you want to see drawings of couples having lots of preposterous sex, you should click here.

What names shall we give these couples?


  1. Having been a practically naked Chippendale stick figure ( i was wearing boots and collar) I approve of this post.

  2. Oh great. Now I'm going to be up all night thinking of names for these people!!!



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