November 19, 2014

Meet my font.

For a long time, The Huz has been trying to convince me to make a font. I just never had time. I still don't have time.

But I'm building the Kindle version of PickleWeasel Picture Riddles (book 1) and I want it to have popups - super fun, right? But the popups are text based. So it became an unavoidable necessity.

How to make a font? It was a bit of a hack getting this font made; the look of my line comes from a certain blobbiness in Flash. I've tried to reproduce it in other apps and programs and it's never quite right.

But to get from Flash to the FontLab meant jumping through several hoops including backwards saving from Flash CS5 to CS4 to CS3, going from W7 to MAC to XP on different machines. Then output to Illustrator and finally to Eps, which could be imported into FontLab.

And speaking of time, this font is going to save me tons. Thanks to The Huz!


  1. Cool! I want a font too!

    I mean, I don't know why I would ever need one, but I want one!! :D

  2. You're just the COOLEST. I mean...THE. COOLEST.
    Love your font. ;)

    1. Aw well, you know, I'm just sitting here drawing away. Thank-you for saying that Kir. And thank you for the shoutout on Twitter!


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