November 6, 2014

How to comment with images on Ello.

I didn't think people were going to find this so useful, as I posted it about a month ago on Ello.

One of my favourite things in life is to comment on social media with an image, and also, to share someone else's image. Since Ello is still in beta, there's no function yet to make this happen.

I asked @Cacheflowe from Ello's developer team and he told me about this markdown code. So here it is - how to post images in the comments on Ello, and also how to repost someone else's image on Ello (works with gifs too btw):

The images you share must be hosted either on Ello already, or somewhere on the Internet. You can't use this code to upload an
image from your drive. I upload my images through my Blogger account; it's important not to abuse the hosting of other sites when using this code.

I'm really enjoying Ello. It's my go-to Internet spot right now - the interaction there is similar to what this blog used to enjoy, back in the day...

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