March 7, 2014

Bruise Pride.

What is it about teenagers and their injuries? They show off their bruises like trophies, a testimonial to their survival, thus far, of life's hurlings...

Do not run out of Arnicare gel; especially if you have kids. Or if you're accident-proned.

Arnicare helps bruises heal quickly. So the bruise-pride soon turns into "look how fast this went away" pride.

Lately, The Huz has been wading into MineCraft with the 14 year old boy. Sometimes I can hear them shouting to each other...

"AAAGH! Help! There's zombies!! What do I do??!?"

"TP to me Dad! Teepee to me now!!"


"Sorry Dad, I can't help you. You're just going to have to die."

I'm not sure Arnicare works on egos.

Heads up! Boiron Canada and Boiron USA  sponsored the blog-tour for my book, The LAST Snowman, and that was super nice of them. 

What are your "miraculous healing" stories?

PS. The Huz says he's not actually worried about getting eaten by zombies in MineCraft.


  1. Hey, JC! I've got this wikkid bruise on my knee, from walking into a concrete bench...

  2. You and I count our bruises with trepidation but they seem to see them as badges of honour. It must be a generational thing……

    Bruised egos are something else altogether ;)

    1. Not sure about the generational thing - the Huz got knocked off his bike a couple years ago. The bruise on his hip was so massive he made me take pictures of it so he could email it to a friend back in London. #badgeofhonour #battlescar

  3. Both my kids just penguined on pavement in the last week. They were troopers. If that happened to me, I'd be in the hospital. Or at least in need of sedation.

  4. I love when my blog feed has one of your posts up!! They make me smile :)

  5. Ha, loved this, very apt.....we went on a team 'bonding' trip last week.....paintballing. Seemed to me that amongst the men the most bruises meant you won...but when they were all flinching every they moved for the rest of the week I was happy to show off my little one on my arm with pride that it was all I'd suffered!


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