March 6, 2014

Hot Chocolate Swirl.

Hot Chocolate Swirl...sound delicious right? Well, don't eat it, because it's soap!

Photo courtesy of Dot & Lil.

Dot & Lil came on board The LAST Snowman blog tour as a "featured sponsor". They create luxurious bath & beauty and skincare products with a fresh, young feel, handmade in their Montreal studio. This custom soap was designed just for the book giveaways - it's chocolate scented and has chocolate sprinkles on top.

Fun right?

Anne from Dot & Lil took some photos of the soap being made so I popped them into a timeline with one of The Huz's tunes.

"Hot Chocolate Swirl" soap is limited edition, meaning you can't buy it. So if you won it in one of the giveaways, consider yourself lucky*. Perfect for relaxing in a hot bath with a book. It's almost better than real hot chocolate.

Dot & Lil just launched their spring line - and it smells gorgeous and Mothers Day is coming.

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